San Dionisio

Manong Ulyx been wanting to bring his family and friends here for quite sometime already and since he's leaving IRRI this year, it looks like the Universe conspired coz CSSP is in Iloilo and so here we are doing a side trip to San Dionisio, the house on a hill, our private get-away =)

checking out the place before it gets dark

Manong Ulyx contemplating, he's probably missing Manang Riza

I like this hat collection on the wall

this is the library, overlooking the beach

passing the time before dinner

WOW! my favorite "Adobong Pusit"

our guard, yikes!!!

while they're enjoying the music upstairs

we are downstairs making noise with our card game...1-2-3 pass!

trying out the beach before breakfast

the house on the hill

posing before leaving the place

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