Shaka! Surfing dudes and dudettes greet one another with that Y sign called shaka! I learned that through Papa Echo, Crisel's surfing instructor. To celebrate Crisel's birthday she asked if I could join in her new hobby "SURFING", with a little money and no knowledge at all about surfing I said "YES", anyways she's a friend and it's her birthday but I tagalong 2 more friends who I know would love such activity, Lem and EJ. It's a perfect trip, nice car that fits 4 people comfortably for a long trip with 3 able drivers rotating through out the trip and all the interesting stories from the celebrant. So off we go to the surfing destination in Luzon....San Juan, La Union.

this is our home for this different weekend experience. I forgot the name of this resort but it's opposite Urbiztondo restaurant and this place is actually Urbiztondo.

getting connected to this board who'll be my buddy later in the afternoon

pose first with my surf board lying on the sand, I like that surf board, it's recommended by my instructor and it's soft that's why the name soft board =) never failed me =) glad!!!

we're all excited to try surfing that's why nobody wants to be left in the shore to take photos of us. So we took others photos instead, this is the typical look of first timer =) using all your body parts to balance in the board.

according to the guide surfing is like biking, once you're able to do it, you won't forget it and you can do it again...I meant the balancing...then I asked so after this I know how to bike already?...hahaha he said no it's not like that =(

I was the first to go up so I was able to take Crisel's photo, there, enjoying her own waves =)

surfer's fiesta =)

doing the "shaka" sign...

the following day, I tested if the instructor is right, so I tried again for another 1 hour and yeah he is right, I didn't have difficulty standing and balancing and gliding and playing with the waves the following day even on my first attempt...HURRAH! so glad!

before going home, the surfer dudes and dudettes in a concrete waves =)

road to home

back-seat mates, Lem and me

front seat-mates Crisel (the birthday girl, thanks girl for inviting us) and EJ

happy with our weekend accomplishments, I'm so glad to know I can surf.....

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