Laguna sightings

Laguna ng ikaw ay marating ko
Para bang ako'y nagbago

that was lines from a song with Laguna as the long Christmas break I joined with my friends who loves to shoot and we went around Laguna for a photo shoot and food trip, we started in Tadlac, my neighboring Barangay then to San Antonio, then to Pila then to Sta. Maria. My friends do the shooting, Sheila and me take care of the eating..hehe

photographers preparing their onlookers only

the municipal hall of Pila

Pila's local church

Pila is famous for old houses that's why it's frequently visited with photographers and tourists

one of the boys again....a long view of field of greens in Sta. Maria

ahhhhhhhhhh...nice view, simplicity of life this is...i remember my elementary drawings..mountains and fields, birds flying freely and nipa hut with streams of flowing water and happy family...

can't believe there's so much to be seen in my province =) glad to tag-along with this bunch of camera trigger friends

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