Come Again to Camuigin

Visit Camuigin .....

After the adventures we did in CDO we took time to rest in this beautiful Island of come and rest with us ....

from CDO we took a bus ride to Balingoan and took the ferry from this port

jeepney we hired to take us around the island, it's best to go in group coz it's cheaper

our first stop after settling in a resort, the Katibawasan Falls

waiting for our lunch at Ardent Hot Spring, but it's very crowded so we didn't try it, plus we're already from Los Baños, the hot spring capital =)

of course we did not miss the landmark or the watermark rather of Camiguin the Sunken Cemetery but we didn't took a boat ride to go near the cross...posing from afar is enough.

i love this shot, this is from the ruins of San Roque church

"Ang Panday", Lizel and Joan watching the metal smith

boat ride for our final destination in Camiguin.....

Welcome to White Island! A sandbar where you can see Mt. Hibok-hibok on the background. Isn't it white?

Enjoying the sand

posing before our sand sculptures...hehe

after the sand, enjoying the water

wow! nice sunset colors

lining up for pasalubong, the store for the famous pasalubong from Camiguin...PASTEL I posted one of my favorite blogsite from Tutubi =) check out pastel in his blog.

ferry go back to CDO for our trip back home....I'm there at the end of the first row, trying to document our trip...naks!!!!

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