Mer Meets Merlion

after twin tower, we went to the some sort of twin city of Kuala Lumpur because it's near we might as well make a side trip also to Singapore plus we have friends here also...this is what we call connections. There! Merlion meets Mer or Mer meets Merlion whatever is the order, we met hehe

Michelle, the beautiful lady in yellow is our Singapore connection, we stayed for 2 days in her place

Mich and me

I took photo of this ice cream coz I want to remember how Manong prepared it's a square ice cream not the typical Pinoy sorbetes (the ice cream sold on the street). Now the preparation, he took the ice cream bar from the cold storage with his bare hands then sliced it with his knife and then hold it and hold the wafer then's my ice cream sandwich.

no time to look for the name of this flower....kinda different so worthy of my page

double deck bus, wasn't able to try it though =(

I also like my food court experience, can't understand Singlish so I did point point at every food that I want....hehe Singapore version of turo-turo

reloading my EZ pass, so high-tech!

I visited a friend who used to work in IRRI before and it's the only time that I was able to see a normal house or not really normal is the term but the typical house I know

meet Peewee she used to work in IRRI and now she's in Singapore for this photo but as of this writing she's now in Penang....hmmmmmm I might visit her there one time =)

then some more friends from LB that is now studying in NUS or the National University of Singapore

Mommy, Jane and me before going inside UnderWater World

Nemo and friends

the walk along Siloso beach

Animal show but there's only monkey =(

Dolphin show

Bravo! Dolphin taking a bow =)

met Mang Luo and his sisters after the show, it's really a small world

causing traffic in this bridge =)

after the Sentosa structures

then we met this couple who love Mommy's posing that's why they ask for a photo with us

the fountain show

I met "Kiki" the entertainer in the lights and sound show, nope not the man in blue and yellow but the green monkey

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