Mt. Daguldol Hike

I love this trip! Oh well! I always say that in all my trips, so it's not new. But this one, I like this coz this is a combination of hike and swim, the mountain and the beach together in one trip. Nice no!?

IRRI pipz packed their bags, drove their cars (oh well those that have cars only) and go on a weekend away in Laiya but not the typical Laiya beach weekend, we level up a bit. We climbed Mt. Daguldol and beach after, that is the following day.

all set for a half day hike, easy climb according to the website we visited, let me see if that's correct .... from this parking space you need to register and pay for the guides fee and the some sort of entrance to the camp site because it's a private mountain...dunno how or why but that's what they said, anyways .... we pay, can't be sure but i think we paid P30 per head

start of trek, nice! beach'll pass by La Luz resort and climb the rocky area to get to this rocky part =P

after the beach trek we pass by a sari-sari store and rest/drink/cr break before proceeding

after the sari-sari store, no more community on our way...just greens greeting us

Marie from France exchange greetings with this big leaf

another soft drinks break

Jill from Scotland posing before the Daguldol orchids, both a lovely sight

a monkey, another company aside from the greens and orchids

moving up up and up some more

you call this an easy climb? tell it to the marines =)

the last store before going up....they offer halo-halo and fresh buko

then up again

yahooooooo almost there, just a little bit more

first to reach the camping site were May and Paul

after a little rest, we put up our house for the night

then we go around the place and found another camp site, bigger than our camp site but a bit far from the water source

from the big camp site you can see this awesome view of the beach

enjoying some more the big camp site before going back

dinner time

1-2-3 pass after dinner, the Filipino rule over the French in this game

then party using our mobile phones as disco lights and sounds

sunrise greeting us a new day =)

preparing for breakfast were Tiny and Litel

the hikers posing one more time in our camp site

there's a sign you can see while you trek Daguldol that says "Don't change the mountain, let the mountain change you" and for sure this hike changed us....


May said...

i so love this trip too! i kinda regret not going to where the waterfalls is...remember naligaw tyo!?i esp remember the time when the ownter told us we were so noisy! & it reached them even when they are mountains away! ;D.. napatawad naman nya tayo..cguro dahil kay jill at marie na muntik nya ng makitang..uknow! ;D.

Marya said...

haha...yeah =)
haba ng comments i like...salamat!