Beauty from Ashes - Pinatubo Old Way

No date on a Valentine's day (what's new???). What better way to invite friends for a level up Valentine's date ... literally level up coz we climbed Mount Pinatubo in Tarlac. With a mountaineer friend's help and an IRS friend's powers we headed to the North for the what I call "BEAUTY from ASHES"

can't find our way to Sta. Juliana, so we just pose for a break =), still dark coz we wanted to trek before the break of day.

after registration and payment off we go with three 4x4 vehicle

Tin, me, Edsel and EJ with Mang Val our dependable driver of this open 4x4 bumble bee

next group of riders Icoy, Sheila, Tanguy and Denis

and the 3rd group Yohei, Dee, Pogs and Vee

posing before the chocolate hills look alike

this is where the Old way and Sky way separate ways

after the briefing from our guide Mang Jun Salazar, start of the almost 3 hours walk

Darna's stone carried by 2 Dings

It's a long walk along and crossing the river

Mang Jun Salazar and Mang Vic were such spoilers, my shoes didn't get wet even on a rushing waters

breakfast along the way

it's still a long way

nice river trekking

so near yet so far

some natives (Aetas) we met along the way

this is where the Old way and the Sky way meet again

after many turns on a path like this.....

Behold! The Beauty =)

class picture

one more take please direk!

having a dip in a cold water of Pinatubo

reminds me of Transformer the movie =)

going back to Sta. Juliana for a good bath after a sweaty, dusty walk to the beautiful Mt. Pinatubo