Stilts in Calatagan

Water Science outing...FINALLY!!!! FINALLY!!! not in Laiya..yahooooooooooo...but it was a loooooooooooong travel, anyways, it's worth it so I think we all didn't mind it!

Click here to check out the resort and to see how happy we are, see photos below =)


Like before and most of the stories I have here in my blog, I heard about Anawangin a long time ago then as always, search about it through internet then plan a trip to see it myself with my friends of course....and like most of my trips, here in this blog again....some things are not meant to happen as planned. It took me 3 attempts to make it here.....too bad, not with my usual travel buddies but it's an opportunity to open up to new group of travel companion.

meet the BRELIBZ, Jelo's friends in San Pablo City

one of the boys again, we're on top of a rock in Camara Island, our first stop...this is the closest island from the shores of Pundaquit, the jump off to island hopping and Anawangin cove

closest neighbor of Camara is Capones Island, and when you're in Capones...don't forget to hike for the Lighthouse....

finally, the main destination of our boating.....Anawangin cove...with pine trees like in Baguio and fine sand like in Boracay, both here together =)

...too many to mention but I'll try my best to name them: I'll start with Jelo, Isay, Ivan, Kiko, me, Pogs, Teta, Garry, Ernz, Vec, Robert, Omni and Jason....there the whole gang =) Thanks for welcoming me and making me feel at home! Hanggang sa muli.....

Photos care of: Jelo, Pogs and Omni