WOW La Trinidad

We attended a friend's wedding (Donna Holt) in Baguio Country Club then before we go back to LB we visited La Trinidad to buy flowers, ube, blueberry, strawberry and native stuffs.

welcome to the summer capital of the Philippines, Baguio City =)

good morning!!!! or really doesn't want to get up yet???
the sleepy babes: Tiny, me, Dee, Litel, Kat and Crisel the super sleepy

malaysian mums every where

one with the mums

even Manong Ulyx couldn't resist the mums

posing before leaving our home for 2 days and 1 night

waiting for Victory Liner, the bus that would take us to Cubao then from Cubao to home =)

Davao take two

Back in Davao with office mates, not official trip though. We took advantage of the Philippine Airlines buy-one-take-two promo. This happened so fast, we were just taking a coffee break in our Water Science coffee room then next thing we knew we're in Davao.

Welcome to the new Davao Airport. The welcome committee composed of Bing, Liezel, Pogs, Ferdie and Janet. Welcoming ourselves hehe.

our host in Davao, a former officemate Doc Ernie Castillo and wife Tita Weng

we also visited Sir Joseph and wife Tita Miriam, also former another buy one take one sort of deal

giving Durian a second chance....but nah!!!!

going around Davao again...this time Museums, Malls and the usual tourist places

posing at the Philippine eagle center but I still did not put eagle picture here =(

I put him instead

I miss this the last time I went to Davao, good thing it's in season this time

Mangosteen, price ranges from 15 to 25 pesos

boat ride to Samal island, where the pool-like beach is found

another buy-one-take-two deal, we visited Davao and had a side-trip to General Santos City and a portion of South Cotabato. Beautiful scenery on our way to GenSan.

thank you Tita Weng and Doc Ernie for being a generous, wonderful hosts

extra side trip....South Cotabato on our way to DOLE plantation

our dependable transport service from Davao to any point in Mindanao

Doc Ernie showing his babies, from rice (when he was in IRRI) to banana (now that he is in DOLE)

another DOLE produce....Asparagus

we went to General Santos fish port and found this fresh fishes waiting for us

didn't have the chance to get to know them =(

WOW Davao

Welcome to Davao City, the country's melting pot of diverse culture and the world's largest city - click davao city to see all about Davao

Group of IRRI people (including me) attended a Crop Science conference in Davao and of course as always, we did some side trip to check out the city and look at what we found.

our tour car to go around Eden Nature Park (this trip is in 2004, update on Eden Nature Park can be viewed here eden nature park

welcome to Eden

entrance to the camping area

posing at the amphi theater


play area

enjoying the rope ride...they call this "Indiana Jones"

trying it again, this time with Big and Dee

can't be sure but I think I tried this more than twice =)

cavin house for overnight stay

after Eden, another site .... Malagos garden

posing with the jade flower

Davao is known for beautiful orchids

and also home to a lot of birds especially the Philippine eagle though I didn't put Pagasa or any eagle picture here, instead I put other kinds we found there

the lady peacock

showing off ..... isn't he handsome!?

the spiting ostrich....spiting on Big

abundant fruits in Davao .... Pomelo


trying out Durian....they say it smells like hell but taste like heaven....not for me =(

during the conference buffet lunch with Big, me, Kuya Dante, Darlene and Ms. Jeanie

overflowing fruits from DOLE

our home for the conference, The Waterfront Insular Hotel

my room, with Olga my roommate and officemate, she's a lovely Spanish girl

trying out Davao's seafood eat-all-you-can restaurant

sipping the "SUSO"

waiting for our boat that would take us to Paradise resort

Davao is very heavenly, our first trip is in Eden now we're going to Paradise

the beach is like a big pool...with very clear and cold water...brewwwwwwwww

after dipping in the water, another round of Davao's finest seafood

souvenir empty dead shell sold at the hotel lobby