Home is where the heart is

Welcome to Masili.com, my place, my home.
Here's a picture taken from National Art Center, on top of Mount Makiling.

That sliced part of the mountain, that's Masili.com.

Here, a closer look of the slice (it's due to quarrying)

with my nephews and sister at the center of the sliced portion of the mountain

That's Mount Makiling on the backdrop.

Susu and Renuka posing with my nephews

View at the back of our house, the Laguna lake

Nice sunset shot by Archie

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Renu said...

Ya Mary,,,,
after so long time the mail pop up! then it recalled lovely memories. Definetly 'home is where the heart is', that is why Los Banos become part of my life. LB is a place fills with warm lovely people and amazing surronding! miss it..
Thank you for the day, su su and I had great time in your place with your lovely family.. sure, those little once who enjoyed with us are grown up as big guys. keep up doing this, for whole regions (I think Philippines has 14 regions, not sure)of Philippines! Cheers