Water Bomb Party 2006

The barkada gimmick that became a tradition, but this year we gave it a twist. We included some games played on the street like Dr. Quack quack, Tamaang bata (dodge ball), Pepsi-7 Up-Coca Cola-Stop, and of course the finale, water gun....

two teams only for this year, meet the RED team

then the Green team

Dr. Quack quack

Pepsi, 7 Up, Coca Cola....STOP!

What a fashionable way to stop!

Green team wins most of the street games, now they're ready for the firing...start of the water bomb ....

the Red team receiving the showers

then RIOT!

Jelo and Mae playing Goliath and David

the trigger happy Tetet

Pogs is still dry that's why they have their own game

we had pandesal and coffee before this group picture

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