Minsan Isang Pasko (Once Upon a Christmas)

The Babols joined a Parol making contest (Lantern making) in IRRI...HURRAH! We won...not the first but at least we won =)

Here's some clips of the making....

Big (Aileen M) in her casual dress

Jack doing the grain while Tiny (Sheila) making the borders

AiL (Aileen L) working on the rice straw

after parading the lantern in whole IRRI it will be display in Umali for judging

WOW! isn't that artistic!!!

while viewing our super duper artistic parol, we also practiced our christmas carol

HingHong in four voices...hehe

the parol makers with their creation


posing at the UPLB Park

Joke number 5 (Am I correct AiL?)

the remains of typhoon Milenyo =(

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