San Dionisio

Manong Ulyx been wanting to bring his family and friends here for quite sometime already and since he's leaving IRRI this year, it looks like the Universe conspired coz CSSP is in Iloilo and so here we are doing a side trip to San Dionisio, the house on a hill, our private get-away =)

checking out the place before it gets dark

Manong Ulyx contemplating, he's probably missing Manang Riza

I like this hat collection on the wall

this is the library, overlooking the beach

passing the time before dinner

WOW! my favorite "Adobong Pusit"

our guard, yikes!!!

while they're enjoying the music upstairs

we are downstairs making noise with our card game...1-2-3 pass!

trying out the beach before breakfast

the house on the hill

posing before leaving the place

Hala Bira Iloilo

IRRI Pipz at the Iloilo Airport


tasting the famous "La Paz Batchoy"

a visit to somewhat Dampa restaurant in Iloilo with a very able true blooded Ilonggo tour guide Manong Ulyx...he's also ordering for us...see what they have to offer here

Talaba all you want

Grilled Squid all the way

Kilawing Hipon...sumptuous seafood galore again

coffee and chitchat at Robinson's Iloilo

different shapes of watermelon sold along the way to San Dionisio

Pasalubong shop, "the Original Biscocho Haus" where you can buy biscocho, butterscotch, piyaya, and barquillos

another nice shot from Jack, so nice that I wasn't able to document the name of this cathedral =(

nice shot from Jack of Don Vicente Lopez Mansion in Jaro Iloilo

Baguio all the way

from my Lolo's home we drove 2 hours to get to the summer capital of the Philippines, my another sister-in-law Baby's first time and the chikiting patrol as well

Kennon road's landmark...the Lion's head

Welcome to Baguio!

greeters of PMA, our first tourist destination and actually spent a lot of time there

Gabby, Guia and Marc

the whole chikiting patrol with my sister Beng and brother Manny
saluting soldiers are (from left to right): Derek, Guia, Marc, Gabby, Angelo and the front liner Domiel

meet the Burac family starting at the back Beng, She, Marc, Bong, Guia, Baby, Mother, Karen (my sister-in-law Baby's niece) , Father, Derek, Domiel, Angelo, Ipe (nephew from a cousin), Gabby, brother Manny is still roaming somewhere while I'm taking the shot

"Ang Kawawang Cowboy" in Mine's View Park

then from Mine's View we spend the rest of the day in Burnham Park - biking, walking around, boating and shopping then visiting relatives in Baguio then go down again to La Union and take a feast on .....

Strawberry/Fraise/Ichigo/Fresa/ tagalog equivalent =( BURP!

La Union

remembering my happy childhood summer vacation. We used to go here every summer, my Nanay's home in Damortis, La Union. This time it's even more a happy summer vacation because the whole family spend our holy week there....even the small chikitings =)

showing my niece and nephews what's in store for them this summer vacation

not a camera shy carabao

but this one, so willing to be a model

oh well!

my chikiting patrols with my sister Beng and brother Bong and sister-in-law She

one good thing about going home here during summer is to enjoy the crops of the land like star apple

himbabao, Ilocanos are known for eating just about any green leafy vegetables like this one, so good in Diningding

freshly pick eggplant and okra

my nephew Marc enjoying the harvest

away from LPG hike

my brother Bong conquering the huge mango tree

his wife She enjoying his labor (of love)

yummy! so good with Pangasinan bagoong

such big family with such big appetite for food, nice lunch outside a truly "kain sa labas"


enough of the food! time to visit the beach....camachile tree welcoming us

black sand beach of Damortis

another thing you'll love about going home to La Union is enjoying the beach for free...

used to be a train station

so glad it's still there, this reminds me of my chikiting patrol years

hope this will remain forever =)