White Water Tubing

They call this white water Pinoy style coz instead of raft they are using tubes that's why it's called white water tubing. Gay Carillo showed us an online photo album of her friend who did this and being an adventurer (OWS!!!) ourselves we told her to arrange for our group...

... and so here we are posing at the bridge, the start of an adventure ride along the Cagayan river

part of the adventure is to jump off this bridge to go to your tubes below

and as I've told you, we are a bunch of adventurers (or should I say crazy people)

so, we jumped.... threes a company in every jump

there, happily posing with our assigned tubes and tubemates including the guide who will paddle for us

just starting the adventure ride yet we are already having so much fun


there I am with my tubemates Tiny and Bing

the adventurers proudly pose for surviving the Cagayan river rapids, but it's not all rapids, there are portion also where you can relax and just enjoy the scenery, you can even have a dip in the river at some portion.

Posing at the jeepney that will take us back to our hotel and after this we had a taste of CDO's pastel...yummy =) check out destinations-cagayan for more information.

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