Natural stairs of Battad

If there's a stairway to heaven, Battad rice terraces could be the start of it. We went to Banaue with friends from IRRI then visited the famous village called Battad. To go to Battad you have to go up to the saddle point then go down walking through a narrow man-made pathway.

Top-load on our service jeep going to the saddle point. Enjoying the top-ride were Olga (from Spain), May (now in Singapore), me (still in IRRI as of this writing), Ravee (from India), Jill (from Scotland) and Lem (now in Singapore). There's a lot more inside the jeep, friends from IIRR and some IRRI pipz.

on our way down to the Village

still has the energy to pose

souvenir shop along the way, the seller speaks Dutch

first view deck but still far from the village

the village restaurant were we order our lunch before going down to the village. You have to place your order before proceeding down because they need to catch/kill/cook the chicken.

view from below the restaurant

the village house

the village people

the stair way to heaven

pose before going up for lunch...Lem, May, Erwin, Jill, me and Liping plus Olga taking the shot ...the others are waiting in the restaurant


Olga said...

Comment to the last pic: "And someone else not waiting at the restaurant but taking the pic", ha, ha...

Marya said...

Oh yeah...and that someone is you...ohhhhhhhh so sorry =( I'll edit it =)