WOW Cagayan de Oro

Welcome to the golden friendship city, Cagayan de Oro aka CDO, the gateway to Northern Mindanao....copied from cagayan de oro official website.

Another sort of sponsored trip of IRRI, I love my workplace =). We attended the yearly conference of Crop Science Society of the Philippines and going around Del Monte farm is part of the educational trip for the participants.

Lizel and Naidz posing before the Del Monte logo

touring around the production area of Del Monte where the packaging of fresh pineapples is seen

from the packaging earlier to where they plant their pineapples

Tiny, Tita Y, me and Tita Miner supposedly showing the pineapple but it's so tiny that you can barely see it..sorry for that =(

the pineapple pickers in their full battle gears

took photos of their tricycle coz it's quite different from what we have here in Laguna, ours is smaller

trying out restaurants for seafood galore

a wok for sink and an old faucet....interesting things in the restaurant

another gimmick place

girls and some boy just want to have fun after a long day in the conference

the Water Science boys with Lizel

our CDO tricycle experience

they have an Ukay-ukay (U2) plaza, amazing!!! this street is close to traffic, they set-up their U2 stuffs in the street and on the other side of this U2 plaza are street food galore, maybe we stayed too long in this area that we forgot to take photos of the other side or we had too much food already....well I kinda drop my jaw at the sight of this so many U2 things around me

so glad the jaw dropping was not shown in this shot of mine =)

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