In between towers

Mariang gala goes International...NAKS!!!

Selamat Datang! It means "Welcome" in Malaysia....
I promised myself that I'll go around the Philippines first before going out and since I think I've been to almost every part of the country (feeling lang!) I decided to join my friends going to Kuala Lumpur, not really a bad idea...and so here I am posing at the old Kuala Lumpur International Airport with Jane and her mom.

another pose with mommy, Ate Grace and Lester

friendly friends who welcome us in Malaysia

taking a train to go to the KL twin tower, Alve (the lovely lady in white) is our tour guide

HURRAH! I'm now in front of the twin tower

and actually posing in between them =)

we also visited 2 Universities, this one Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or the National University of Malaysia and Universiti Putra Malaysia were our sponsor friends are studying

showing our ticket for Genting Highlands, Malaysia's theme park at the peak. It's like going up to Baguio and enjoying the rides in Enchanted Kingdom together and more. We're taking that bus behind us to go to the park.

our wrist tag, allowing us a free ride of our choice

thumbs up...approve

cable car ride to go up the theme park, this is the Genting Skyway

the Genting walls of activities

my first ride of the day, good thing my size and my weight pass the standards

I practice shouting before taking this ride, I forgot what this one is called

that's the Genting up in the sky

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