A Walk to Remember

I don't know where this road is heading but I know we're heading for another adventure

Welcome to Claveria, Misamis Oriental. The place of the Noslek Canopy Walk, it's walking on a metal bar hanging from one tree to another with a 120-foot drop to the forest floor, just don't look under...plus the wind factor so it's shaking and all the more shaking when you're afraid. But don't worry coz you're supported by a harness.

walking our way to the Canopy walk...hehe

that's Ems putting on her life support...the magic harness

the whole group going down the platform to start

from the platform Joan slide down to the first station where she will begin the walk to remember

Lizel having a good time sliding down

from the first station Anaidz walks through the first and shortest hanging bridge made of steel cables and a stepping metal bars

Dr. Liping though shaking is climbing his way to the first junction with our guide waiting on the junction. This stretch is from the first station to just the branch of this tree but it's really a great help that this tree is here coz next to this is the longest bridge that will take you to the next platform.

after the junction, this is probably the longest plus the shaky and also the not so straight bridge. You'll be thankful that the tree in the junction is there, so you can prepare for the next steps.

but...this sight will take your fears away....it will make you forget that you're walking on high wire

Ems, Lizel, Gay and me at the last and biggest platform (when we try these they have 5 platforms but the sixth is under construction some sort of extra tour around the forest) where we ate and rest as a group, we're the last to leave, we wait for the fogs to come down.

fogs everywhere....Ems with our guide as the sweeper

posing on our way back

happy feet, dirty but happy =)

the whole group cleaning ourselves in this flowing cold water....brewwwww, learned from the net that this is Magbais river

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