WOW Sagada

One place I would love to go back...SAGADA. It's so relaxing, it's like the place is so safe and so far from poverty. You won't feel that you're a tourist coz the people won't treat you as such.

This trip is part of the Banaue-Sagada trip that we did sometime in 2004 with the same group as in my Battad post.

Sagada is known for caves such as this one, our group going down Sumaguing cave.

inside Sumaguing cave, so happy to be inside

me and Lem at the King's curtain, wonderful formation also in Sumaguing

going out of Sumaguing, pose some more =)

coffined welcomers at Lumiang cave, the guides did not join us here coz they said this is a holy place for them, they bury their deads here

wooden coffin, it's scattered all over Lumiang cave

another site to visit is the "Big Falls" or the Bomod-Ok falls, you'll pass by this wonderful landscape on the way there

like in Battad the continuation of the stairways to Heaven

too bad we went during summer so the falls is not that big =( but the way to the big falls is already worth it. There's a lot more in Sagada like the St. Mary's chapel, the Echo Valley ... check this out for some more: visit sagada

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Olga said...

So unforgettable days! Thanks!!!!