Baguio all the way

from my Lolo's home we drove 2 hours to get to the summer capital of the Philippines, my another sister-in-law Baby's first time and the chikiting patrol as well

Kennon road's landmark...the Lion's head

Welcome to Baguio!

greeters of PMA, our first tourist destination and actually spent a lot of time there

Gabby, Guia and Marc

the whole chikiting patrol with my sister Beng and brother Manny
saluting soldiers are (from left to right): Derek, Guia, Marc, Gabby, Angelo and the front liner Domiel

meet the Burac family starting at the back Beng, She, Marc, Bong, Guia, Baby, Mother, Karen (my sister-in-law Baby's niece) , Father, Derek, Domiel, Angelo, Ipe (nephew from a cousin), Gabby, brother Manny is still roaming somewhere while I'm taking the shot

"Ang Kawawang Cowboy" in Mine's View Park

then from Mine's View we spend the rest of the day in Burnham Park - biking, walking around, boating and shopping then visiting relatives in Baguio then go down again to La Union and take a feast on .....

Strawberry/Fraise/Ichigo/Fresa/ tagalog equivalent =( BURP!

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