Laiya 2008

Water Science outing for 2008 this time.... you guess it right..... in Laiya again!!! but in a different resort. This time we had fun under the sun in White Beach of Coco Grove.

This is Coco grove's camp area, you can set up a tent for an overnight stay. Entrance includes buffet lunch and the use of the big hut.

they have this kid's tire swing

bridge made of bamboo.....i like this bridge

composed of 3 bridges that connects once you step on it

but if you're unlucky and you have a naughty company like David over there at the end then it would be hard for you to connect to the last bridge and pass =(

then this somewhat floating/hanging can jump to have a splash of that muddy water hehe

in the camp area they set up this tire that you can use for games

and the winner is......

kids can play in and with the sand

you can also rent kayak...and paddle around the beach

and they have this slide for life, i think all of us enjoyed this part of the resort...just see for yourself

from that area on top of the tree, you'll be attached to a harness on a sitting position

then you'll slide all the way to almost in the water =) ( i hope next time they'll extend it in the water area and you'll automatically cut loose =)

see, even Dr. Barker tried it and enjoyed it =)

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