WOW! Guimaras

My second time to Guimaras but with different group and different activities.

waiting for our boat that would take us from Iloilo pier to Guimaras, just a 45-minute or less ride

seated at the back of the boat together with the boatman

inside our assigned jeepney, the last time I went here our service vehicle was multicab in going around the island

Icoy together with our guide and the guide map, this is given upon registration at the port. Before we didn't have a guide, we just go around the island using the map and arrange our travel according to places near each other and we basically went around the whole island.

posing with a monk in front of the Trappist chapel

on our way to the souvenir shop of the trappist monastery

introducing our guide .... hehe I forgot her name =( toink!

welcome to trappist souvenir shop

where you can buy goods such as bracelets, key chains....

the famous sweet export quality Guimaras mango

and all the preserves

different kind of jeepney we found there, all the sides are open as doors

Vivay and Aileen posing before our welcome banner

Liezel posing at the rooftop of the Guimaras museum...part of the exhibit inside were the remains of the boat and the things they use in cleaning up oil spill in the island

last part of the tour, a dip in the big pool-like beach of Guimaras, we weren't able to go boating because of bad weather and big waves

Beng and Tita Becks posing before the beautiful top view of the beach area

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