China Town

The photo and food trip goes Chinese ... after photo shoot and food trips in Laguna we went to Binondo for the second round of photo shoots and food trippings.

still in the Philippines but it feels and looks different on this part of's like you've been transported in China....with the many Chinese shops, restaurants and of course Chinoy or Filipino Chinese everywhere here

Noemi, Dee and me posing before a purple fire truck

the look inside Binondo church

Master Bogsie trying out Chinese super loaded goto

while going around, we notice this sugarcane drink, I saw this in Singapore but I did not try, so I tried it here....not so sweet, yummy when it's cold =)

deciding where to go next....

we went inside a Buddhist temple and found this performers taking a break...too bad we didn't get to see them perform =(

so I just tried their instrument instead

The temple is dedicated to Kuang Kong known as the God of War, Kuang Kong is favored by Chinese businessmen. And in this part of the temple you can find this huge red furnace where according to Jack they place their paper money and burn it with a prayer that believed to be reaching their departed love ones.

then we went to the European part of Manila hehe ... called as the IlsdeTuls or "Ilalim ng Tulay" in Quiapo...where you can find good buys of native products

of course...we also went to the famous Eng Bee Tin ... Hopia in different flavors

the trippers in Rizal Park


Pogs said...

Aba, kasama na naman pala ako sa gala na ito. :D Jejeje! I had a great time as always, in this trip. I can also remember during this trip, we also saw in China town, the new scholars/PDFs/visitors of IRRI in the AFSTRI trip. And Yohei was still new then... :) Just reminiscing...Jejeje!

Dee said...

Yeah, 'twas amusing seeing Yohei, Fuji, Sagar, etc. on the other side of Ongpin Street in Binondo! It seemed like IRRI moved to Chinatown or something. Hehehe...

Reading the blog, I suddenly have a craving for Hakaw (shrimp dumplings). The one we ate in Chinatown was the best I ever tasted so far! Bogsi, you sure know the best places to eat!

I also recall buying an el cheapo badminton racket in Raon. Sadly, it's now broken (as expected):(.