Magdapio Falls

Popularly known as Pagsanjan Falls although the actual location of the falls is not in Pagsanjan but in Cavinti... It's a famous tourist spot in Laguna, and it's a shame that this trip is my first time. I've been wanting to try shooting the rapids in Pagsanjan but there's a perfect timing for when Dee and Pogs decided to take their foreign friends in Pagsanjan, I joined =)

meet the Pagsanjan trippers: Pogs, Denis, Daisuke, Yohei, me, Nurul and Dee...

it's good that it rained the night before, we saw a lot of small falls like this along the way

the expert boatmen who paddle, pull, push making our ride exciting and thrilling

this is the midway stopover where the boatmen rest and take a break

finally after less than an hour, you'll reach the main falls and this raft will take you under it for an extra pay

excited to go under

we are now inside the cave and behind the waterfalls

after the rapids, 7 hungry people feast on Pagsanjan lunch


Pogs said...

Ditto - It was my first time there also even though I was born, raised, studied and currently working in Laguna. :P I guess we just took it for granted that it's near us. And quite agreeable, that there really is a time for everything. :) I enjoyed this trip so much. :D

Dee said...

I'm not from Laguna, but I used to bring my two sisters to Pagsanjan Falls during the summer vacation. Who would have thought that I'd still enjoy my 4th trip to Pagsanjan Falls? Could it be the timing (rainy season is indeed the best time!), or the company (The more people the more fun! And it's such a multicultural group - 1 Indonesian, 1 Peruvian, 2Japanese and 3 Filipinos!)? Probably both. I'm looking forward to another adventure with all of you - whether anywhere in the Philippines, or who knows, maybe in Peru, Indonesia or Japan (I wish!)!

Kirstz said...

I am very amazed to this place as I've seen those photos. This place is very attractive and very refreshing I want to visit the Pagsanjan Falls in Laguna. Maybe next summer is the right time for vacation. Thanks for posting your experienced I enjoy watching those photos.