WOW Bacolod

After Iloilo and Guimaras, our next trip a ferry ride that would take us to Tiny's place in Bacolod...the sweetest place in the Philippines since this is the sugar bowl. The home of masskara festival! The city of SMILES =)!

sleepy Icoy while waiting for our ferry

finally, boarding time!

Tiny's Lola and cute nieces

U2 invasion, we didn't let this Ukayan pass

going around La Carlota

night life in La Carlota park

from La Carlota to Bacolod City aboard this meet our tour guide Jerome

first stop in Bacolod, the famous pasalubong shop

...where you can buy mascara printed shirts

same products in Biscocho Haus in Iloilo but according to the Bacoleños/Bacolodnon they have the best barquillos than in Biscocho Haus

Posing before the Provincial Capitol of Negros Occidental

Indays day out, meeting Dodongs at the park

they have a lot of old churches like in Iloilo

street food, Bibingka, rice cakes cooked in charcoal

the beautiful remains of an Old Mansion owned by General Lacson in Talisay City, very near Bacolod, it is called "The Ruins". They burned the mansion to prevent the Japanese from using it as head quarters during WWII.

now it is open to public for a minimal fee

and now we're in Silay City visiting Balay Negrense, the ancestral home of the Gaston family.

two stairs going up, the left for ladies and the right side for gentlemen...according to our guide =)

a lot of old stuffs were still kept intact in this mansion, declared by the National Historical Institute as one of the 30 Heritage Houses in Silay City

some of the 30 Heritage houses were still used as homes or commercial building such as this one. El Ideal pronounced as "El-idjal" by the locals...

the home of the sweet and yummy "Guaple Pie"

after going around the many Cities of Negros Occidental the whole day and after a huge laugh in discovering El-idjal and a lot of many interesting stories from our tour guide Jerome it's time to go back home...lining up to get in the new Bacolod Airport with lots of pasalubong from Bong bong's and a lot of happy memories from our trip....

we had too much from Bong bong's that we forget to buy this one pasalubong....too bad we'll just imagine the taste of this one...oh well it's something to go back to

waiting lounge of the new airport...the Indays going back to Manela...vacation's over!


Dee said...

I wish I could go back to Negros Occidental to visit the ancestral homes, eat piaya, barquiron, and of course guapple pie from El Idjal, and see for myself if La Granja really exists (Peace, Tiny!)!

Sheila Mae said...

hahahaha....can we go back again soon? I forgot to show you La Granja! YES it does exist I promise ...we just have to go back .... :)
Ps. Yey Jerome was in one of the picture. im so glad for him. hehehe...