Pila Delights

I met Sarah from Canada through Nurul and she mentioned that she wanted to go to Pila, being one of the tourism ambassador in IRRI I arranged a trip for them but it would be un-ambassador like if I cannot join them...and so here I am meeting new sets of people, Nurul and Aureline were my connection

from UP Open University we travel by jeepney so they can have a feel of what it's like to go around places using public transport plus I really don't have a car (yet) well that's actually is the main reason...hehe

after this posing in front of the Pila church we met a lady named Ate Susan who works in this church and she offered to show us around

there's Ate Susan, the lady in black behind me and Nurul

my first time to see a priest's closet

at the back of the church

then we go around Pila and checked out the old houses frequently visited by tourists

the Pila Municipal Hall

United Nations on a tricycle ride

Sarah trying out the old style pump

Reza liked this house

people in Pila are used to tourist going around and sometimes they open their homes to them, like this Mama that I forgot to get his name, he allowed us to see his home

a view from Pila delights restaurant's window

delighted with Pila were me (Philippines), Aureline (France), Reza (Iran), Nurul (Indonesia) and Sarah (Canada)

Marias went to market =)

playing with the old mirror

going back to Los Baños by jeepney again =)

enjoying the trolley ride

safely back to IRRI =)

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