I never thought that my Barrio can be a tourist destination and I never thought my new friends would love going around the once beautiful Laguna Lake....nice realization this is!

the Pila trippers plus Atefeh (Iran) and Dee (Philippines) went on another trip, this time a boat ride to Laguna Lake and going around my place at Masili.Com (I just called it that way, don't ask me why, it's just that)

not as huge as Titanic but the we had huge fun

the typical landscapes or shall I say waterscapes, floating houses with bamboo fences (fish cages)

our tour guides

after the water adventure, now we're heading for another adventure

we visited the shooting range in Masili, found in this area of the sliced mountain and we're so blessed the people there allowed us to try shooting

enjoying each others company =) together with the tall grasses

Reza coached by Colonel ...... OMG! I didn't get his name...so sorry Sir =(

I like Atefeh's comment, she said when she got here (in the Philippines) she became friends and actually joined Christian's activities then now she's trying out shooting like a terrorist

hahaha...Aureline's face says it all =)

Dee's first time, well it's true for all of us

nice form Sarah

ohhhhhhh Nurul don't shoot!

the new action star =)

stairs that connects Calamba and Los Baños, going to another Barangay that's already part of Los Baños, so from Masili (my place and that's still Calamba) to Tadlac (already Los Baños) these two Barangays are the ones surrounding the crocodile lake

a look at Laguna Lake's waterscapes

Art center's view from Crocodile Lake

the serene Crocodile Lake

time for home cooked lunch =)


Dee said...

I really underestimated Laguna Lake. Sure, it's the largest freshwater lake in the Philippines. But from afar, it looks filthy! Plus it's crowded with fishpens! Nevertheless, the boat ride was really exciting! The waves crashing the boat, the cool, fresh wind on our faces, birds gracefully soaring above us...it's really a trip to remember!

Crocodile Lake is an ideal place to relax and reflect/meditate/contemplate (in Tagalog, magmuni-muni). I hope it stays clean :)

Liz said...

Congratulations Mary - won't be long before Masili.com is in the Lonely Planet guide!

Joann said...

nice pix! i like the pict nila amongst the palayan most ü parang may message, may depth, kasi magkaibang lahi tapos magkayap .. temang 'unity towards sustainable production'...hahaha!

Nurul said...

That's very nice Mary. A trip to remember!

olivyn angeles said...

ikaw pala ang ticket ko papuntang crocodile lake! i've been in LB for almost 22 years now and am still wondering how to get to that lake. dalhin mo ako dun ha. great pics!