Baybay Bay!

Good morning Rizal Boulevard! Last day in Dumaguete....this is the early morning look of the Boulevard where people jog, walk, stroll and breath fresh air....hmmmmmmmmm

now heading for another province, Leyte! via Cebu =)

that was the fastest plane ride I ever had.....

Welcome to Cebu! our jump off for our supercat ride to Ormoc then to Baybay, Leyte our main destination to visit Dee's place =)

good thing SM Cebu have traveler's lounge where you can deposit your things so you can go around hassle free

Tiny meeting her best friend Beth with her husband and daughter, they live in Cebu

the restaurant is not that nice but the food is WOW! we had tinola and grilled fish! Yummy as usual =) but cheaper as compared to SUTOKIL (Sugba, Tola, Kilaw - Cebu's Dampa like place)

then on board into this beautiful supercat, heading for Ormoc City....this is truly a city tour hehe

Dee's parents were not so prepared with our arrival, they didn't prepare much...they just had aside from those food up, shrimp, some pork, a lot's like that's our last meal!

to help our system digest the many food Dee's parents prepared, we walk around VisCa
we examine the big statue of "Malakas" and "Maganda"
marvel at Mt. Pangasugan, walk through the upper and lower campus

then pose in the many names of this campus!

very big campus that they have both the mountain and the beach..nice no!?

we visited also Lyman's mom, same neighborhood as Dee's..they all live in the campus housing that look like UPCO!

another neighbor, Icoy's Tita Hati and Tito Ed

and of course our host family.....with Dee's Papa Edmund, Mama Serena is busy in the kitchen =)

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Dee said...

Very nice blog, Mer :). It made me miss home (yes, Visca is still "home" to me, even if I have stayed in eLBi longer :P). I hope we can all come back together, with more friends...and stay longer!! Friends are most welcome to sleep and eat the house :D.

Thanks Icoy for the pics!