Flipflops and Arabela

If you want slippers, sandals, girls shoes....there's no other place to go but Liliw. But there's more to Liliw than ladies' delight, you can also have a taste of pasta, pizza, cakes, salad and more in Arabela. It's a restaurant where cute people feel at home...hehe coz it's a low ceiling restaurant.

In this trip, just last last weekend, I went with Nuboko, Nurul and Darlene....we just want to eat in Arabela but we couldn't resist the call of the flip flops that's why we bought at least 2 pairs each =)

Since ladies love shoes, this is another girls day out in Liliw again, but this time with Oh and Dee.

Oh was able to buy shoes made in Korea...hehehe

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Dee said...

I will never get tired of Liliw! Shoes or food? Both!!!! Don't be surprised about the former: Imelda Marcos and I come from the same province! :P