Enchanting Caramoan

We've been planning to go here for the longest time already.....
I heard about it then May got the information...May went to Singapore!
Plan another trip, what about a despedida for Majel in Caramoan? Majel flew to the US!
At last this year! What about Valentine's day in Caramoan...and jaran...here we are in this far away beach of Camarines Sur, the famous Caramoan!

with our new travel baby, Doc Dens! she enjoyed our company the last time we visited Dumaguete and now she's hooked, she would even ask if we have trips!

my two best travel buddies, good thing Icoy is also gala like Sheila and me, otherwise =(

after an overnight trip by bus and half day by boat...we reached the port of Caramoan

from the port we were picked up by this multicab of the resort but before heading to the resort we ask the driver if we could eat our breakfast and lunch together....

yummy brunch!!!!

you can also rent motorcycle to go around Caramoan

after about less than an hour multicab drive, FINALLY!!!! we reached...

our resort, this will be our home for two nights...welcome to LaPlaya!
the place is far from the Barrio so it's quite, we have our own Nipa hut but common bathroom and CR for all the resort guests.

it's a loooooooooooonnnnnggggggggggg trip so we opted not to go island hopping today, instead, we sleep, sleep and lots of sleep then after...we enjoy Pansit for merienda.

then beach walk to kill the time before dinner =)

pictorial of course!

chatting while posing =) enjoying the cool ocean breeze while waiting for dinner

friendly staff of the resort, he's Armie with his daugther Dennise....

time for island hopping....

First interesting stop would be climbing Mt. Caglago in Barangay Tab-gon. The highest point of Caramoan. They said it has about 527 steps, which I didn’t manage to count, but once you get on top, the large statue of Our Lady of Peace will greet you. It has an amazing 360 degrees view of the whole Caramoan and it will serve as a preview of the islands you’ll be visiting.

posing with our kiddie guides, wonder if they have permits for working???
I forgot already the name of the older two kids but I won't forget the name of the small one, his Kanuos in Tagalog "Inihaw na Pusit" or "Grilled Squid" in English

next stop, the famous Bag-ing that will be close a week after this visit for the shoot of Survivor, we get to see a little set-up but they don't allow picture taking so can't post any here =(

our third stops, Matukad...with it's powdery fine white sand, rock formation that hides a lagoon...you have to climb to see the enchanted Bangus in the lagoon =)

The famous but expensive Gota Village...

after hopping from Tab-gon, Bag-ing, Matukad, and another island opposite Gota village it's now time to taste Bicol's finest food from our no less than Culinary student Ramon (the chef of the resort =))

Leafy Laing with squid and chilli all over =)

the adult Danggit =)

Bicol express....ooooooooooohhhhhhhh lala!

the break of day...time to go home...happy to spend a weekend with happy to be with friends in a nice place =)
our room for two nights....the housemates: me, Tiny, Dens, May and Icoy

our house from the outside =) cute isn't it?

bye bye LaPlaya...thanks for the warm accommodation =)

before we really go home we pass by the St. Michael Parish Church...located in Centro

while waiting for the boat....signaling another looooooooonnnnnnngggggggggg trip home =)

this is the most memorable part of the trip, the "BUHAT" part from the boat to the shore...I wasn't emotionally, mentally prepared for this...OMG!!!

(thanks to Icoy and Sheila Mercado and May Sallan for the photos)


May said...

haha i will never forget that buhat!!

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