Wakeboarding @ Lago de Oro

When I went to CWC I tried knee boarding two times, I enjoyed it! so, when I saw Aga Muhlach's competition on television and found out that there's a nearer place to do wake boarding I immediately look it up in the net and e-mail friends who would want to try...and so as the saying goes.....the rest is history...whe!

this is Lago de Oro in Batangas, closer than Camarines Sur

nice room, nice surroundings

warming up!!!!

posing with our chosen boards but just for pictorial, it's for sale =P

excited, nervous, happy, scared....all emotions come tumbling down...hehe

Go EJ! Show us how!

nice one Dee!

someday, I can do this....bullet day!!!!

after an emotion pumping knee boarding, we calm our muscles with drinks and yummy pizza

the beach at sundown!

swimming first before dinner =) it's a perfect time for us, coz there's not much visitors, it's like the resort is reserved for us

good morning!!! load up your tummy, coz it's another wake boarding time =)

EJ successfully did the wake board while the rest of us just content ourselves with knee boarding

another round for Dee

Oh! great....

naks! happy Tiny!

the tram that picks up people who fell off their board and will take you to the starting line...one thing I'm not sure if CWC has =(

paying a visit to the Taal Cathedral de San Sebastian

and of course not to miss, we're in Batangas, so we went to Barangay Balisong to buy some blades. That's Oh, a Korean friend who bought a lot for pasalubong...wonder if they allowed it in the airport =P

then we stopped for a pictorial in this castle in Tagaytay...they call this Fantasy World!

then had coffee while looking at Taal lake and Taal volcano

meeting familiar people there, the Obusan couple, owner of Lacxo =)

and of course, we're in Tagaytay so there's a NEED to stop and smell the flowers...hehe
I always stop by this area whenever I go to Tagaytay, I love flowers that's why =)

After the flower stop we got lost somewhere.....we're supposed to go to Sta. Rosa but we ended up in Carmona....actually even the way to Calatagan we got lost also but we managed to still end up in Lago de Oro....makes the trip much more enjoyable! So in this picture we're already in SLEX enjoying Yellow cab pizza =) with a huge laugh about our getting lost =) but discovering Carmona!

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