Tree Top Rappell at Camp Sabros

The package I chose was

PhP500 per person
inclusion: tandem ride on the 380 meters and solo ride on the 400 meters zipline. Treetop rappel and cable lift

And so here's an account of my treetop rappel experience =)

He is John Ray, he'll be our technical support for this activity

this one is Ron Ron, he'll be in-charge on our going to the tree and once we go down, he'll be the one below, waiting for us...I just don't know if he can help me if anything wrong happen =(

yahoooooooo..the start of my tree top rappelling adventure, I'll be heading for the 80 feet tree somewhere out there =)

see that hut over there? that's where the adventure begins =)

and I'm on it! the big tree where I'm going to go down and up!

I'm handling the control of the rope, so it's in my hand how fast I will move down but according to John Ray I need to press gradually..oh well I should enjoy it also so I have to take my time =) slowly...enjoying every drop, every fall =)

the going down is fun but going up is a bit scary =( imagine letting the small machine control you =( the control now is in the hands of the one holding the gadget for the pulley (too bad I didn't get his name)

trying to entertain myself...forgetting the fear

now scared, I stopped, I thought there's a technical problem, I'm almost up but I stopped....then John Ray told me he's just taking my photo that's why....hayz!

I'm relieved...finally back up in the platform =)

now enjoying the view of Mt. Apo from the tree top =)

with Ron Ron =)

going back to where we started, for lunch =) oh well for the staff but not for me =(

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