White Water Rafting

the last time i went to Davao, I saw this advertisement for white water rafting in butterfly farm, but it's expensive for one person willing to do it..just me =( my companion doesn't want to =(. So you could imagine how thrilled I am knowing that this time around I have this big group to accompany me.....

waiting for our service in our hotel lobby...

the gears....

the paddle...

the gang, watching the video and posing before the orientation starts

our service JEEP with the raft....

with our gears....excitedly posing before proceeding to the river

yahooooooooooo...Davao/Bangkerohan river here we come!

putting on our life vest, orientation for proper swimming or what they call defensive swimming and all the necessary precautions before we really go to the real action with our Paparazzi

introduction with our raft and raft master (the guide)

meet my raftmates: Lloyd (our guide/raft master), Chrome, me, Emma and Liezel

another team: Paul, Sonia, Dee, Donald and Bing

third group: Ate Beng, Sir Glenn, Tiny, Icoy and their guide

the fourth group: Jane, Meggy, James, Chillan and Marjorie

another orientation, the how to pull back up your buddy to the raft in case he fell out...so this is how you do it: you hold on to the shoulder portion of the vest then bend your knees that is while your feet are apart then dip your buddy as if pushing him to the water then pull...then immediately go back to position

Sheila and Liezel doing the defensive swimming

the high five....it's like signaling "HURRAH to us" for making it through

lunch break, somewhere in the middle of the river...the lunch is also part of the package..we had chicken and pork adobo plus juice and water and mentos for dessert

part of the crazy adventure is to jump off this portion....oh well..crazy as we are, we tried it!

that's Atoy, the lead man....he's the river rafting leader, checking out the rapids for us.....

this one is our videographer..yeah we had video of this =) but not yet in you tube...later maybe!

there, after almost 3 hours...we finished the Davao/Bangkerohan river rafting....with us here is Aga (beside Emma), the Aga Muhlach of Davao Wild Water Adventure and Lloyd (our guide, behind Emma and Liezel) aka Jacob of Twilight the movie =)

the water is not so wild coz it's summer but still we had fun...it's in our hearts already remember? (entertainment is in our hearts)

then after, we did the fastest zipline in Davao at Zip City, also part of the rafting freebies....

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Rafting is a great way of spending some bonding time with friends and families. Totally awesome!