Araw ng Kagitingan!

(Photo credits: Icoy Mercado, Chrome Mojica and Pogs Manalili)

LONG WEEKEND......what to do? where to go? typical thoughts running given that two words =)
and it won't take long to think where and who to go with.....there's a lot of places to go, plus i have my constant gala buddies

and so here I am...walking along the beach of Laiya and Hugom to climb Mt. Daguldol for the second time with new sets of companion

Icoy and Sheila, Icoy's first, Sheila's second

there's Bing (first timer) tired but she made it to the top =)

then Chrome and Pogs first time also

after about 48 rests =)

and another rest.....

we reached the camp site..usually it will take you 4 hours (maximum including rest) to hike Daguldol but we're raising the lead....we did it for 7 hours (awesome)

we did it on purpose, since it's our second time we told them that we'll take it slow...we'll enjoy the view, the company of each one and we just need some light enough to pitch our tent and prepare dinner (lusot na ba?)

and just some going around for sunset watching....
then after dinner we had socials according to our itinerary/program (prepared by Sheila) so we had ghost stories c/o Chrome, star gazing and identifying the constellation and also eavesdropping to our neighbor's stories (we didn't hear much just their mountain climbing stories), lights off at 9PM

good morning happy to see fogs everywhere....WOW =)

meet the Magigitings hehe: Bing, me, Sheila, Chrome, Pogs and Icoy....time to explore Daguldol

this is the biggest camp site, they call course like and highest point of Daguldol where you can have the glimpse of Mindoro and Marinduque

along the trail you can see a good view of the sea...

a lot of rest areas like this

our holiday is not yet over =) heading for the awhile then dip into the blue sea before we finally say it's over =)


May said...

hayzz... i love daguldol..i wish i was able to join you all..congrats to the first timers!!

ruvicyn said...

This is what i mean by the best people give memories. Hihi.

ruvicyn said...

This is what i mean by the best people give memories. Hihi.