Tree planting

Time to do some good act for Mother nature...with the help of Doc Den's connection to Haribon, Amelia, me and Rona signed up for a tree planting activity in Caliraya. and here's some photos of our good deeds =) tap on the shoulder ladies!!!! BRAVO!

Amelia, me and Rona carrying the banner of Haribon entitled ROAD to 2020, ROAD stands for something but I wasn't able to get it

Amelia's first planter, so relax =)

this is Doc Dens, the Vet, saving the earth by planting tree....

my pretty Yaya Rona (I'm her Angelina!) having a good time naming her trees

protecting my little tree, the smallest among the many trees I planted, hope it will survive!

Then after the tree planting activity, we had sumptuous lunch prepared by Doc Dens, a picnic in the Japanese garden

so happy! until the next tree planting activity, wherever that is!

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