WOW Davao Again!

(photos courtesy of Icoy Mercado and Bing Bayot)

Welcome to Davao! for the third time =)
we're in Marco Polo hotel....but we're not staying here, we just pass by to get Riza's things

my second time in Eden....somethings has changed but the food (the eat all you can treat) it's still yummy =)

I still enjoyed the Indiana Jones! hehe

nice flowers in the Garden of Eden =)

these are the new things in Eden....

my third time here but with different company so it feels like the first time still =)

also here in Jack's Ridge...there's always something to do even for the nth times

beach time..of course we did not miss going to Samal Island but still not in Pearl another resort again..last time in Paradise, this time in Maxima with a different activity...more than swimming....

enjoying the Giant water slide =) we did enjoy this's part of the freebies for our white water rafting adventures

we also tried the diving board....SARAPPPPPPPPPPPPPP!!!!

it's really AQUA FUN here in Maxima..snorkeling, swimming, giant slide, and diving board..all the water adventures =) all here, all in, maximize in Maxima

then we met the EZRA band, they are one of the many contestants in "Pilipinas Got Talent" a talent search in's nice to see them in person and watched them perform live

Lakwatsa is not complete without Pasalubong....we bought Tuna in Citra Mina, mangosteen, durian, marang both the fruit and the candies in Magsaysay fruit vendors and the Pomelo in Golden fruits and all the Davao stuffs in Aldevinco....who knows I might be going here again for the fourth time....we'll see!

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