Lakbay Lawa

I saw an advertisement in one establishment here in LB promoting Lakbay Lawa (Travel the Lake) from the Municipality of Los Baños.....then I thought...hmmmmmmm I've been doing that already and I didn't know that there is really a legitimate travel around the Lake here....

When I wrote about my first group of visitors it was just out of hospitality and I really never thought it was fun touring foreigners around Laguna Lake. Click here for my previous post and have a look at the visitors I toured around the lake.

And here, my new post for another batch...batches actually, I have, I think four groups in this post and who knows I'll be doing this often....

Liz's family from Australia....I shared to her my blog about the lake and she thought about bringing her sister and sister's family..and so here we are.

with our able boatmen, my cousin's son and a friend in the neighborhood

the usual cages everywhere

of course, not to miss this spot that often intrigued people who see this on top of Mount Makiling in National Art Center particularly.

Then I had another batch, this time - Filipino, Japanese, Peruvian and Koreans, we get to visit the Wonder Island...a private resort at the center of the Lake.

meet the wonder people who visited the wonder island, just in time for singing the famous K-pop song "Nobody" from the wonder girls hehehe

familiar, isn't it!?

from Laguna lake to Crocodile lake through the shooting range

another batch of student for Capt. Flores (the man in white shirt), first we have Yohei!

the making of a Japanese terrorists =P....then we have Nobuko!

he looks like a pro! that's Denis the Peruvian.

also this one! scary people =P..this one from Las Piñas, Darell.

sharp shooter Vee from Victoria.

playing....Charlie's angels =) and goons...hehe

there goes Angelina Vee again!

Boy band =)

such friendly neighborhood...that's my neighborhood =)

heading for my Nanay's home-cooked meal!

Does Lakbay Lawa have this? meals, stories and pictures of places I've been to =)

I'm asking Capt. Flores if I can work in the shooting range and so he allowed me to practice charging bullets into the magazine

Next batch, Denis invited another batch to try shooting, this time with American, Filipino, Spanish and British-Indonesian

the Spaniards =P, that's Lalo.

sharp shooter Pogs =) from Maahas.

small but terrible American =) girl named Lauren.

the Peruvian terrorist Denis, he's the first honor during the first time, now he's a pro =)

tricycle is too small for us!

another batch, certainly not the last! IRRI's soccer babes hehe...Olen and my Yaya Rona =)

with my new officemate from Leyte, Omar

It's gun ban already, so we didn't try the shooting, we just went around Crocodile lake...

Whew! That's a lot of guests, isn't it? But it was fun! Next.....


Kwanho said...

I should go there with you guys. you know why? because I am a very good sniper. I can see that was very fun..ahah

Sol Moe said...

I`m here !! in some of these pictures. also I`m a King wang JJang sniper too. I will show you bi-pistol shot by both hands next time