Magical and Mystical Siquijor

that's going to be our first stops in the many destinations that we plan for our Negros Oriental trip. Siquijor used to be called Isla del Fuego or Island of Fire.

watching a funny video of Justine Timberlake doing "All the Single Ladies" while waiting for our flight to Dumaguete City

Welcome to Dumaguete City!

after checking in our stuffs we headed to the Port to catch the nearest boat scheduled to go to need for rest =) no time to waste!

Delta 3, we are the last group of passengers in, then all aboard and off to the mystic and magic of Isla del Fuego....

we don't know the significance of this statue, but she's there welcoming us that's why we pay her a visit

around the Island with this multicab (the usual transport service in the Visayas) with Joram as our tour guide

lunch in Salagdoong beach resort

fire tree forest, according to Joram when you go there in June the whole area is so red because of the fire tree flowers (could be one reason why they call it Isla del Fuego? of course I just made that up =P)

Saint Isidore Labradore Parish Church and Convent in Lazi...the biggest convent in Asia according to the website

going down to see the Cambugahay waterfalls

we just look at it and did not even take a dip...

the big Balete tree, because it's unusually big that's why probably it's part of the tour

summary pictures in one souvenir shop =)

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