Dolphin watching

Bais City is well known for its proximity to the protected marine sanctuary, the Tañon Strait. From the Capiñahan Wharf in the South Bay, the boat heads out to the Bais Bay and into the Tañon Strait where the dolphins frolic in the water, and the whales emerge from the deep. It is a fascinating experience and behold these sea creatures up close. (click here for more info)

That experience is what we wanted why we travel at this far side from Dumaguete.

Beautiful sights your eyes can feast on while on the way to Bais Bay, this is the Central Azucarera de Bais. Where you can see sugar plantation on both side of the road, Casa Grande, the two storey wooden houses for the employees of the Azucarera are greatly influenced by old Spanish design and architecture. Inside the haciendas are chapels whose altar and icons date back to the early 1917’s (that photo up) . Educational visits to these places may be arranged at the Bais City Tourism Office. What is most interesting is you get to tour via the old railroad trams used by the milling companies to hasten sugarcane transport. (old train photo up also).

Patience is a virtue! You need a lot of that.....especially at this time were the waves looks like dolphins......

after the long wait (that's forever!) we're still happy to see some....lucky us, coz the previous days the boatmen said, some visitors went home without seeing even just one dolphin =(

good thing there's this sand bar where we can swim in the middle of the sea.....we cannot swim with the dolphin, we just swim with each other =)

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