Dagos tabi!

in Tagalog "Tuloy po kayo!" My Bicol trip take two =)

I don't know what's with me, I went to Pinatubo twice, now I did the same in Bicol for just a week interval.....but this time with Icoy, Tiny, Pogs and we met May there.

inside Jollibee Turbina while waiting for our non-aircon Philtranco bus that would take us to Legazpi, Albay in the Bicol region

after traveling the whole night here we are now inside Jollibee but this time we are in Legazpi, Albay...having breakfast while waiting for May

now with our Bicolana guide May...after our Jolli bath we are now ready to go around Legazpi

but before going around, we just arrive but already securing our ticket home...it's Holy week and we don't want to go traveling the whole night on a non-aircon bus again,so before making our rounds in Legazpi, we bought our aircon bus ticket first..HURRAH!!!

first place to visit, The Kawakawa...a natural park that looks like a wok thus the name

Kawakawa is a hill and they put up stations of the cross very timely for our Holy week visit

we took pictures of this, as the Legazpi version of the ruins in Bacolod


Hoyop-hoyopan cave

according to the guide...this used to be a dance floor during Martial law days

lunch break.....time out for our feet...it's time for our tongue to explore the food of Bicol....of course not to miss Bicol express

and the what seems to be Tawilis of Batangas....known as Pinangat

after the break...next destination....you've seen this here

the Cagsawa ruins

looking for something to buy... a lot of souvenir shops inside Cagsawa ruins compound

close to Cagsawa is another hill were you can see the Legazpi airport runway,the view of the ocean, the Majestic Mayon...and you can also do the zip line, our last stop in Legazpi, the Lingñon Hill

it's been a long day, after taking a shower the day is not through yet,we still have the energy to visit.....Mount Mayon rest house....where you can be as close as this to the volcano =)

sooooooooooooooo cold up there, with the majestic view of Mayon and the city lights below ahhhhhhh breathtaking!!!!

too bad the famous chicken restaurant is close =(

a new day, another Jollibee breakfast, this time in Tabacco, Albay....

while waiting for our van going to Donsol...meeting the Butandings again =)

ready to jump =)

it's indeed a small world after all..hehe imagine meeting familiar faces in an unfamiliar place,we met the AFSTRI people in Donsol and bumped into each other in the water while swimming with the whale shark...nice =)

back to Amor Farm Resort (for me)

got the chance to taste once more their Kinunot ...soooooooo YUMMY!!!

going around the shores of Pilar, Donsol

boatride to firefly watching, also in Donsol =) Butanding swimming in the morning, firefly watching at night...really so much instore in this place...they also have Mantaray watching

another day with our ever reliable service....last day, this time going around Tiwi, Albay

souvenir shot at the lobby of our home in Bicol ... Sleep Easy Hotel

breakfast at DJC, famous for.......

..... halo-halo with cheeseeeeeeeeeeeee

going around Tiwi

last pose before going home.....thanks Majestic Mayon for a wonderful Holy week experience =)


janice said...

awwww so this is twice inggit!!! ganda naman ng pics... last week donsol was featured in the japanese channel NHK and told myself that I will go there... you've been there twice!!!! inggit!!!

His melody said...

wow ate! nice pics..
gusto ko tuloy jan narin ang next batch 04 out of town namin.. haha.

peingi ng itenirary nyo.. hahaha