MaryGraZel's Laguna tour

If there's such a term as bestest best friends I'll call these two women that! My friends since birth, Liezel and Grace, wanted to go around. Grace was here for a vacation, since it's sem break in their school in Saudi Arabia, and Liezel has a car and I know places, so, we decided to roam around Laguna. Our first on the list, to buy slippers in Liliw..Grace's pasalubong supposed to be but ended up buying for herself alone....women! how quickly they change minds!

Oopps I forgot, we have Lou in this trip also, coz he wanted to buy slippers to be sent to Dette in Bahrain, good thing he joined us, now we have driver, alalay, and kargador...peace Mang Lou!
and of course we are in Liliw, so, we asked the Balikbayan Grace to treat us in Arabella.

 Immediately after finishing our lunch of rice and porckchop and buttered veggies, we're now taking the desserts and coffee. Yummy! especially coz it's FREE =) Thanks Arabiana.

Before going home, I told them that there's a nice restaurant in San Pablo by the name "Kape Sulyap" so, we dropped by not just to see it but to taste also their pansit and mango crepe plus coffee again.

The following week, we again set a in Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Laguna....Liezel's first again! Her car is really a blessing not just to her and her family but to us her friends also....

Boating around the man-made lake of Nuvali




Pasalubong from the Arabiana, our some sort of friendship bond....
Then after going around Nuvali, we had dinner in Paseo de Sta. Rosa in my favorite restaurant there, Kanin Club...

End the gala with a coffee in Starbucks =) next year we're planning to go somewhere out of Luzon....hopefully it will come true =)

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Benedict Mary said...

Hi, benedict mary ambos here. kasamahan mo ba si janet lazarte sa IRRI? Former officemate ko siya sa PNB.

May question pala ako, paano pala maglagay sa blog ng picture na kasunod ang description? di ko lang makapa talaga. Thanks.