CESD's team building in Caliraya Re-creation Center and Resort...
They have a lot of things to do there...check out their websites

Then, go down to check what we did there.....actually I just want to post this because I like my pictorials, I had fun posing for whoever has a camera =) see for yourself!

Not starting formally yet, coffee and chat first!

Then the game proper, we just did and won the mud slide competition, meet the winners: me, Pogs, Rica and Bas

Pictorials after lunch and during group's presentation

Pictorials before leaving the hall

Exploring around the resort with Kitin and Omar...the rest are everywhere...

Then, the pictures below are pictures of grown ups, since we are in a re-creation resort we went back to our playing years and see how fun it was to just enjoy....

Liam is that you?

Faye is that you?

Go Claire!

Go Thea!

Hurray for little Omar!

Hahaha for tiny Man =P

Man that Kiko?

Look at the water girls...they're having so much FUN!!! Liezel, Emma, Tita Lolit, me and happy!

Ah...two more?!?!?!

It brought us back in time, my best friend since birth, Liezel, chatting while doing the Pinoy slide....

After tiring ourselves in Pinoy slide, we still have a lot of energy for another set of pictorials

All time favorite...Jump shot!!!

Tabing Ilog casts.....or can also be Dawson's Creek casts =)

Dora the explorer!!!

This is my favorite officemate call this "Mary's virginal smile" hahaha

Photos taken by Man Marcaida, Kitin Samoy and Rech Angeles.... 


ruvicyn said...

puwede ng sumali sa Philippines' next top model...pang high fashion at editorial ang pose.

Joann said...

the album says it all, fun fun fun! :D live life to the fullest mer! hello to everybody!

manÜ said...

hahahaha! ngayon ko lang nabuksan 'to! katuwa!

kitin said...

anong petsa na..ngayon ko lang nakita ito. ..teka at makabasa ng mga blog post mo..hehe