Mount Maculot

Another practice hike for Pulag! Just a day hike also. Mount Maculot in Cuenca, Batangas. We have new company for this hike, Janet invited Maricor and her friends, 3 foreigners that I forgot their names (my bad, so sorry). We already planned to hike this mountain long time ago with Uro and the training center's visitors back then but I guess as always, there's a time for everything...and it's only now the time for Maculot! I can still remember we didn't push through with Maculot hike because we find it corny when we learned according to some that there's a Sari-sari store on the summit.

Maculot is a favorite hiking destination especially if you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life. On top, you'll be relax with the calm and serene view of Taal lake. So scroll down to see what I got here.

Meet my hiking buddies: (L-R) Byron, the Indonesian guy, the American girl, Doc Dens, my buddy Carina, sisterette EL Janet, me, Chrome, Donald, EL for this hike Pogs, Gideon; center people (L-R): Maricor, Jelo, Sheila and the Singaporean May. Icoy our ever photographer taking the shot.

The marker that made our hike exciting!!!! We took the wrong way after this marker =( added a 100 ganda/pogi points for hikers like us hehe, we took the Philippine Air Force trail. HURRAH to us!!!! As in!!!!

From here on, it's all UP UP rest area, and if you're on the tail of the trek you'll be rewarded with loose soil with thorny or no plants at all to hold on to.  Some tree hugging will do!

You'll thank Mother Nature for bringing these wonderful bamboo on this side of the earth, they helped us a lot.

Then finally after forever we reached the portion where we had our late lunch, not sure but I think we took the trail for 3 grueling hours.

After a yummy lunch, we head to the Rockies, Maculot hike is not complete without going here. Going up a 90 degrees rock formation and from there you can see the scenic Taal lake and the Batangas plains.

The picturesque Rockies view!!!

After the pictorial, enjoying the view, being on top....head to the place we started it all and freshen up....

The reward after a tiring hike, dinner in Yellow cab at SM Lipa City.

Photos taken by Icoy Mercado, Byron Gabriel and Pogs Manalili.... 


carina said...

aww. bigla ko namiss ang bundok. dahil sa nabasa kong ito, nagdadalawang isip na tuloy ako sa pulag. hmmm..

Donald said...

The best talaga ang climb na to, pwede na tayo mag apply sa air force, kinaya natin trail nila, heheh.. Nice pics, thanks Mary...

The Archer said...

Mary... Di mo na ko naisama sa hikes nyo. :)