Enchanted Makiling

Petiks' last practice climb before Pulag....
were the saying "saving the best for last" is so true, coz this was my very tiring, muscle breaking of all our practice climb....I don't know why!? But the first time I climb Mount Makiling, it was like a walk in the park! But this one...it's not =(. It feels like we are enchanted in Makiling....it's like we're walking on the same route over and over again, going in circles....losing our energy, losing also the light of day.

registration area, you have to pay PhP 10 as entrance fee, followed by briefing (a sad note here, Mang Jojo, the forester who gave the briefing for this hike was the forester who was gun shot a few weeks ago, here's the news: Mt-Makiling-guard-killed)

a lovely day for walking in an enchanted forest....where the enchanted woman Maria lived

welcomers of Mount Makiling....some beautiful flowers, centipede, kabute (mushrooms), later on the "limatiks" (leeches) for main events =P

into the wilderness were the limatiks are everywhere.....

lunch along the trail...

I love the mossy forest!

the exciting part of the trek, pulling yourself in the so-called 90 degrees, thank you for the rope =)

a relief after a tiring hike is seeing views like these, you're on top of Los Baños, Bay and some nearby parts of Laguna and Batangas (don't know them though =P)

actually, the summit of Mount Makiling is not so rewarding but the trail, the view along the way..that's Mount Makiling's forte.

after going in circles, finally we were back where we started...... 

Photo credits: Icoy Mercado and Byron Gabriel

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May said...

ganda!!sana habang sinisipag tyo umakyat, e sinisipag rin tayo manguha pics..it is just soooo nice to see..:)