Beauty from Ashes - Pinatubo Sky Way

I sooooo love the Mount Pinatubo experience that I went back exactly a month after, this time with new sets of friends. Less walking coz we took the other route the what they call "Sky Way". It's more of a thrill ride, kind of Enchanted Kingdom roller coaster plus smokey effect...hehe the ashes of Pinatubo.

Back to the registration in SPA Town with an additional PhP500 on top of the PhP 2500 of the "Old way" plus PhP 300 coz I wanted to try boating =)

back again in the chocolate hills like

with the same bumble bee and the same driver Mang Val, it's like a reunion

roads are like this going up and down around the lahar mountain

much closer to the community of Aetas

this time we gave them gummy bear instead of jelly ace

nearer also to vegetation

class picture before the start of trek
L-R: Edward, Merc, Alvin, Jabe, Sam, Gie, Ako, Ellen, May and Matt

start of trek with guide Dan and Joel, we couldn't find Mang Jun and Mang Vic =( so sad

sweet waters of Pinatubo

of course, not to miss this spot for posing =)

going down for boating

from Tarlac off to Pampanga

view in Pampanga's side

behind us is the Zambales side

going back, me and Edward helping out Julius in paddling he's our boatman with his brother Michael on the other boat

the contact I got from the website Edsel gave me, Mang Jude Lennon

we also pass by the Death March Memorial Park

after this, we went to Capaz market and tried local food such as kalderetang kambing, papaitan, sinampalukang kambing and sisig....

goaty meal =) then homebound


ate Beng said...

Nice naman.
Thanks for sharing and thanks for including me in the pictures you posted.

Ang dami ko yatang dapat pang basahin dito sa blogspot mo. Will do that when I get home.

See you around!

Anonymous said...

hello!can i ask for help,,,kc kaming mgpipinsan dpt mgavail ng tour package sa ensogo kaso ndi n nakaabot, it is for my cousin's bday cousins really want to experience trekking and i want them to also experience what a mountainer like me feel when at a top of a mountain..can u help me with some details like the expenses.sorry kung super haba ng kwento..i will really appreciate any response from you! email is